Saturday, 3 December 2016

Beautiful Saviour

Christmas (the birth of Christ) is a public demonstration and declaration by God regarding His mercy & judgement. The Christ child, who was given the name Jesus, would fulfil a destiny that the Scripture revealed thousands of years before. Gen 3:15. Luke 2:29-34.

Ultimately Jesus did not come to give us a nice time but to save us from the grip of the world & the hold that sin had or has over us. It was a hold that we would not relinquish without a fight, like snakes that constrict their intended prey and will not let go. There is a pride that lurks beneath our skin that resides in our hearts.  

God has acted, God is at work, God is on schedule & he calls us to rest, labour & celebrate in that. Aided and powered by the Spirit we see the emptiness that mesmerises nations and families that pit themselves against the holy one. By God’s grace we are torn from the grip of the indwelling enemy that will not let us go. There is true freedom and it can only be found and won in Christ, one greater than Moses is here, one greater than Muhammad, One greater than the world…Messiah, in him we rejoice greatly. 


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