Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Sweet Communion

Lots of religions involve prayer. Some prayers take the shape of an inscribed or embossed wheel or a decorated flag, a candle or incense.

As a kid and growing up watching a fair bit of TV, the Trinitarian formula and the sign of the cross used to show up in comedy sketches and movies. Hail Mary’s were common & later on when getting into cars I learnt about a guy called Christopher who could allegedly give you safe travel.

As far as I can tell, none of this is biblical except the incense as a pleasing aroma, but that was part of the OT covenant with Israel that no longer abides.

Jesus taught the disciples to pray the Lord’s Prayer. Matt 6:5-15.It encapsulates what is required lest we invent all manner of things, which we are prone to do as we seek to think that we know best. 

The New Testament offers more on how we should and shouldn’t pray. Prayer is integral to living life in communion with a holy God on a daily basis. Just as important & necessary as food and drink for a body that hungers and thirsts.

It is not our hands that pray, but our hearts and head as God turns His ear, so to speak. Already knowing our needs and wants yet ever glad to see us living by faith and not by sight.


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