Sunday, 6 November 2016

Places of love and learning.

Being away from home and attending a different church/denomination on a Sunday can have its rewarding experiences. We attended an Anglican worship service in Quirindi in the morning, a church bell, stained glass narratives & some liturgical responses were new in one way & old as Scripture & Eternal as God in another.

The sermon was on Malachi 2 & 2 Peter 3. Does God care about justice? He surely does and our impatience often born out of self- interest is something God also cares about.

A church can be a building in one sense but it is also the people of God and our actions. How we treat others in the light of God’s guiding Word & His created order & image etc.

A lot of people think Universities & Museums are the places where learning & intellect flourish. Yet the Christ child thought otherwise and further more engaged the human heart with its great need also. In God all things come together & with Him there is no better place to be.

Luke 2:41-52.


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