Monday, 14 November 2016

Over the moon

The world is one big family tree, divided in spirit and at war with each other and God. It is out on a limb and boasting much.

We are all related says Scripture, Humanity is one big family. Being down the genealogy line and having branched off here and there over the years we have lost contact with what matters most. To make matters worse, we lost contact with God but that was no accidental wandering, it was a deliberate act and we inherit the outcomes based decision to rebel (original sin). So it is a pretty big and nasty mess and a lot of people are out to save face and hence the truth is in short supply while accusations fly, time rolls on & the past becomes a blur. 

God stepped in as only He could, the only one who can truly say “time is on His side.” He stepped in for Abraham & He stepped in for the Nations as Matthew & Luke point out after much study.” Good things take time and that’s the good news being proclaimed today. God has come near again, in His nearness we find healing and redemption. The beauty is that he will not drift off again, God has come near and he has come to stay for good and forever in the hearts and lives of those he dearly loves. Rock my soul in the bosom of Abraham, more super than nature.


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