Tuesday, 22 November 2016


It was swamp people territory (minus the crocodiles and rifles). The sun was going down and the evening light was gloriously golden as the hemisphere went into cooling mode as the universe was doing it's thing. I had been moving in and out of reeds looking for frogs but finding dragonflies that were maybe planning on settling in for the night. The variation of colour schemes is manifold, although they often fly quickly they also pause to hover and like to land here and there which is good as it enables time to focus.

Depth of field enables the subject to be captured in focus while diffusing the background if desired. In a way it creates a bit of mystery or helps to keep focus on a particular place and not get distracted (sounds like a good time to introduce a sermon or a lesson about the Bible!)

This is the same insect from two different angles. The first was from the west looking east, as it turns out just too bright. The second from the south looking north which is the better shot, but I like the first better.


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