Friday, 11 November 2016


Don’t get me wrong, I think it is good to complain now and then, or even have a good cry. Tapping into our sadness is better than denial and a strict adherence to positive thinking and forced smiles like a body builder on cue.

Naomi knew and expressed her sadness but didn’t let go of Bethlehem, Job put it out there and the book of Psalms give expression to our anxiety and woes. But these passages of time and Scripture don’t lead us down a dead end street of no hope or a cul de sac to go round and round like a fish in a bowl.

In our sufferings is the deep love of Jesus, His compassions they fail not. He lifts us up at the right time, taking away our veil of gloominess. Putting our confidence in God, He takes us out of the loop of misery, puts us on His shoulders that we may see the brighter tomorrow. In God we trust, He truly, truly knows best.


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