Wednesday, 16 November 2016

God knows the trends but He doesnt follow them.

I can still remember going to church again in my early twenties and hearing Scripture publicly read. The Psalms could be so beautiful and poetic, full of praise and delight in God or His creation. Then in the next moment judgements and protests would be pouring out against the wicked. It was a shock to my system to hear stuff like that, even after being in church from birth into my early teens. It seemed like a contradiction, especially after hearing about the love of God. When the Psalms are read today they don’t stand by themselves but fit into the context of the fulfilment of Scripture and the coming of Christ.

But even then, the same spiritual battles exist, the same loving and merciful God, the same God of justice. God has his enemies as does the church. “How dare God or Christians instruct me in what I should and shouldn’t do”, I am my own boss thank you very much, your ways have nothing to do with me! & so it goes… the political, spiritual, individual activism unwilling to be reconciled to God.

Yes the rich and the powerful strut about, the not so journalistic media whip up their ideological storms while the earth groans in expectation of some better news. Sexual immorality & lies are common place and pleasure is the name of the game. False religion is practised on a large scale. It is the same rebellion, just clothed in modernity.

So I can joyfully and confidently read or sing the Psalms. Sing about my own rebellion & how Christ conquered me and healed me. I can sing about the storms and the sunshine, I can sing about a loving God who does not and will not turn a blind eye to injustice. Psalm 37:1-40.


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