Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Almost Summertime Blues & Greens & Browns & Orange

I have discovered a little spot (Tenambit Landcare) to take some photos while my son does his soccer training. I have passed it many times on my way to and from work also but never investigated the area. Down the track about half a kilometre is a tree that is providing a feast for all kinds of insects.

I don’t know all the names of stuff from a scientific perspective but can tell the difference between flies, bees & beetles, parrots etc. The design, function, colour and patterns are just amazing and in a way that is to be expected seeing God is amazing. So what is it, expected or amazing or both. And that is just one tiny fragment of God’s intelligent design filled with complexity and diversity with limits.

Being almost summer and near a swamp I have been extra careful walking around due to snakes being on the move.


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