Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The Bible and its big pictures

Life has become/evolved into a commodity of financial and political worth or worthlessness. It is an evolution of loss as valuable information is not passed on as we mutate and devolve. Depravity is depravity, a mental shift where the sanctity of life is becoming less as the sanctity of emotion and human ideology becomes more.

Truth is not the casualty, but rather the people and peoples who believe the hollow lie. Truth will always & forever be truth no matter how many people believe the deception. Games of dominions & thrones, the walking and talking deceived and dead to truth, streaming & dreaming, spiralling into an abyss of flames that will never die and always remain in a state of torment. It is the inheritance of the devil & all his children, it will be a lasting testimony of suffering.

There are no trees there, no blue skies or green grass, no healing or deep personal joy. Nothing sweet or cool, it is the climate change of catastrophic climate changes, the emissions of sin in the world of cause and effect. Satan has no copyright to life or death, to beating hearts or dry bone, the soil and the sand, it is only Jesus who holds those keys in a world of doors that lead to thrones & authorities yet to be discovered. Another Genesis & Exodus awaits, a lost world only spoken about but nevertheless just a real. Rev 1:9-20.


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