Monday, 17 October 2016

Road Trip

The time that I usually have to blog has been taken up with catching up on jobs due to a lot more travelling than I am used to. It has been a busy last couple of months for our family. When travelling I try and take my camera’s along and if time permits, record some images.

The country side of late has had abundant rain with lots of moisture now in the ground which is a good thing even if farmers have lost crops due to recent flooding.I saw some cows in lush fields of high grass, it reminded me of Joseph the interpreter of dreams in pre Exodus Egypt.

For the most part of the trip I was under a car on the side of a rocky road trying to sort out a fuel system that had failed a week before, narrowing it down to an electronic fuel pump so far. Frustrating and time consuming with tool & equipment constraints and an auto shop 40 kilometres away & a bank card that went into error mode.I could actually get the engine to run on aerostart feeding it through an air intake. I could also manually feed the fuel line but the electronics needed a signal from somewhere.

Thats the down side of electronics, the smallest thing can trip a whole system & leave a person or persons stranded. I did get a bit "why me God, why make things so hard?" but I already knew that God's providence was not to be mistaken for easy  street, and amongst the hassles I got some nice photo’s, spent some time with my wife & daughter & met a man who had an old shed & yard full of mechanical relics & kindly opened them up.


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