Friday, 28 October 2016

Not by might or power

Modernity would insist that religion is man-made, a result of alleged primitive minds unable to cope with the resulting world round about them. This is of course pure speculation accompanied by evolutionary dogma that makes up its own stories about there being no God as it leans on the presupposition that nature is all there is.

If we look at society today stories of imagination and fantasy continually fill the minds of scientists and movie goers alike. Designed to entertain & inspire. Have we really evolved into some higher being as we adapt with our surroundings that are also supposed to be evolving…dream on.

The truth is we need transformation from the inside out, plagued and struggling with our corrupt nature we either go it alone (which may mean conspiring with others) or wisely cry out to God who has revealed himself in His good creation, its present cursed state, history as we know it, BC & AD and His inspired word that moved men that we may have a written account to be treasured as we become all the more informed for daily life no matter the spirit of the age.

It is in the modern world that many rules are made up & enforced to restrict and resist biblical knowledge being passed on and accepted. In the circles of the academic elite, in the lives of Joe & Joanne average and the citizens of eat drink & be merry for tomorrow we die.1 Cor 15:12-34.

Politics won’t save us from our wretched state of a corrupted nature that is programmed for death and sin no matter how many good works a society does or doesn’t do. Education may fill a mind & open doorways and add to improved conditions as the cost of living goes up but being transformed by the living Christ makes the kind of changes that are really needed. It lifts us up to where we once belonged. As the Bible speaks to us...come back to your senses. 


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