Sunday, 23 October 2016

In plenty and in want

I have been on the road again & managed to fire up our daughter’s car thanks to a new electronic fuel pump, a fair bit hard yakka & smelling like a petrol station after draining the tank the hard way without a funnel. Up the valley some 3 hours away and it is field after field of green, green grass (the occasional coal mine) & cattle munching away while creeks and streams follow their courses as birds & bugs do their thing.

Ruth & Boaz

Underneath is a brief comment on the art work which ends with “This story of love and family devotion would have appealed to the German nationalist sentiment that emphasized family virtues.

Family is important of course but so is faith, and what of Ruth, didn’t she leave family behind? There are some things we cannot be sure of, nor do we really need to know. In our searching and wandering, our loneliness and suffering God is there for His children. The God of all the nations & all the peoples is never far away like some preoccupied Greek god or human genius or adventurer off doing their thing. The living God is intimate & personal throughout the ages. 

It is something many are not willing to acknowledge as they focus on rare times of judgement (with multiple warnings) within the Old & New Testament. God had laws for the poor & needy, laws for resting the land & the body. Many of His laws were for celebration. 


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