Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Billions of people are ignoring this.

It’s hard to stand by & witness suffering, in the bible we are taught that showing compassion is an important thing to do. But that is not an invitation or command to fix every problem and give in to every whim of humankind as if human feeling is some kind of ultimate authority.

Some problems exist because of wilful sin whether it is government endorsed or not. Sin can be individual or a collective co-op of sorts, a conglomerate corporate system that seeks to defy godliness.

Like a fruit that requires picking God chooses his well-executed judgement taking all things into consideration. And thus what is sown is reaped. But that is not to say that all terrible things that happen are a judgement of God just because something bad has happened. Bad things happen to good people & good things happen to bad people. Jesus lesson regarding the Tower at Siloam intimates at this. Luke 13:1-9.

The bottom line though is this. We all need to repent of our sin & bear fruit that is in keeping with godliness. And it’s not as if God has not been patient or not given us a way out of our mess. Jesus came in the flesh for this very reason. But do we recognise His coming for what it was & is & is to come.

The love of God calls us to repent of our sin because it is harmful & damaging to us & our neighbour and our relationship with our Creator. God knows it, He made us and this world that seems so solid as it sits in temporal suspension.


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