Monday, 10 October 2016

A measure of consequence

This morning I was reading a small devotional on 1 John 1:1-7. It was about a minister who had been in conversation with a woman who had been reading her Bible, praying & attending church but was really struggling regarding experiencing God’s closeness. Upon further converse it turned out that the woman had also been living in promiscuity.

It doesn’t have to be about sex, it could be a myriad of other sins that we may choose to foolishly think that we can fool God (even with knowledge of God as all knowing & ever-present). In Escher like brilliance our hearts have a way of holding our minds in lasting moments of suspension where we create a bridge between the land of sin & the land of holiness. Like traitors and pirates we do our deals seeking our treasures & in the process undermine the holiness of God.

It’s hard to let go of sin, our hearts have a natural inclination to protest & disrupt the process of holiness. Only in Scripture will we find the data required to understand the dilemma. Only in Christ will we find the wisdom, strength & mercy as the solution.

Darkness is darkness and light is light.


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