Thursday, 15 September 2016

The confused planet

[What I thought would start out as a few lines has elaborated further this morning]

Life only exists on earth as far as material evidence goes. In the hot & cold dry desert, deep in the wide ocean & up high in the beautiful blue sky. Beyond that life does not exist apart from visitations to space stations & objects being thrust into space from earth with its abundant beyond belief forms of life.

Living & dying have been accepted as normal things, mostly by experience & taking stuff for granted. Scientific investigation seems to have lots of names for disease & modes of dying but doesn’t have a clue about the origin of life despite bold & inadequate attempts to provide answers.

The Bible tells us that death is not normal but rather an enemy, a consequence of disobedience & evidence of laws imparted by a supernatural Creator filled with unmeasured wisdom & power. God came & demonstrated His power in the likeness of humanity.

In many respects the Bible provides answers but it would seem it’s not the answer people want because people want to be God, Kings & Queens of autonomy when it comes to humanity, nature & spiritual ideas.

So we create our own universe going round & round in circles just like God’s creation, however ours is dismally filled with the certainty of confusion (it would seem ants are more ordered than we are). God is not confused, he holds time in his hand, this world & the display of the universe. In His time & in His way his will shall be done.

Humanistic & atheistic trajectory, Buddhist meditation & thought & the laws of Judaism or Islam won’t get us to where we need to be, neither will a pair of special spectacles or a virtual goggle vision open our hearts & minds to our long lost past of alienation.

Can there only be one so full of radiance & warmth for all our needs, only one light for the world? We only need one sun for life & one earth for life & so it is with the Saviour. It is not arrogance then to claim but one way & it would be ignorant & arrogant to reject the way, the truth & the life…Jesus Christ.John 8:12-20.John 14:5-14. And because God has acted we cannot be without excuse.


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