Wednesday, 28 September 2016

The beauty of inequality creates freedom

There is structure all around us, within & without. We reflect the image of our creator God. We see it in the plant & animal kingdom but what humanity has received is greater than that. When we mess with God’s structure we are playing with fire & should expect to be burned.

There is a way to gain knowledge that is not dependant on the middle man or woman of human indulgence & that way is to go straight to the maker of heaven & earth. Here is order, structure & freedom, it is wisdom from on high.

Sharing in common design (not plant or animal ancestry) we come to realise that we are not equal with plants & animals or God. Cleared of confusion we get to know our place in the history of things, where we fit & why, more than birds & more than bees & more than equality.

To over indulge our senses & set up rights that are contrary to God's immeasurable insight is to invite unhealthy & unwise practices that lead to devastation. If we cannot see the beauty & wisdom of God then we need Jesus to open our hearts & minds to what we see with our eyes. It all begins & ends with Him. John 1:1-4.


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