Monday, 19 September 2016

Sword Paper Rock

I am not sure what it would take to smile or laugh your way through life. In the end I would think that leads to a type of insane behaviour, a type of stoicism that separates us from who we were meant to be, a man made religion of the mind that seeks happiness as the ultimate goal. Like an immature mind quickly forgetting that sorrow & pain can be for our own good when we see its worth.

The Holy Bible addresses our lot & speaks to our misery & brokenness, our grief & shame, our hurt & pain. God is the provider of our comfort & strength. He wipes away our tears & fills us with joy. There is only so much we can cope with by ourselves, there is only so much we can cope with in the company of others but God is our all in all. Lam 3:19-24. Job 42:1-17.Eccl 3:1-17.

Many opt for the Ying & the Yang of eastern mysticism, the windscreen & the bug & the seemingly enlightened meditations. In doing so the maker of all is missed & denied. Humanity begins to assert its religions on God’s heaven & earth.

All those man made religions are the same, looking for meaning in nature & the mind with heavenly aspirations, Atheism & Deism is no different. It is a broad path, a wide & deep path filled with all kinds of knowledge except the knowledge of God.Habakkuk 2:12-14.

To not build on Christ is to build on shaky ground that will enevitably fall beneath your feet as your world crashes in around you. That is the warning for our being that is the call to heed.Matt 7:24-29.


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