Thursday, 29 September 2016

more photography

Earlier in the week we did a road trip to Cobar, a mining town (copper & gold) way out west in NSW where we have family. It was a full day of driving to get there & it was good to spend time with them & there were many opportunities for photography. 

Recent rainfall meant rivers & creeks were running & high & much of the landscape was bursting with green growth. Big trucks came & went on the network of roads that verged at Cobar where the dust and dirt has a red and orange richness.

I spotted a Kingfisher in an industrial area & noticed its colouring differed slightly, it turns out it was a Red Backed Kingfisher, The Sacred Kingfisher was also present around dams & waterways. Hawks were often overhead gliding around with watchful eyes. 

Further back around Nyngan wheat & cotton fields spanned for miles & miles where emus strolled & lots of bugs formed dark clouds hovering over roads at dusk to be splatted by windscreens & front ends of cars & trucks.

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