Monday, 5 September 2016

Modern Potions

I grew up with stories like Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde & the Incredible Hulk. In our modern days with media soaked atheistic driven science & humanism the assumption is that miracles don’t happen anymore (or ever did really).

Any “change” in a person’s outlook is narrowed down to a naturalistic interpretation on life, as usual the divine creator God is given the stamp of nonexistence, the Bible was just made up, yardayarda.

That’s what happens when science becomes fixated, it only is willing to see what it wants to see, even when the evidence says otherwise, as with the discovery of blood cells in dinosaur bones.

People deny the super natural every day. People deny the Creator God, In many respects they always have. Samson knew that, Samuel knew that, David knew it when confronting Goliath, Thomas, Peter & Paul knew it.Many, many people know it.

Denying God will take you places, usually further away from truth. This Heckle & Jekyll & Hide world is on a mission & it’s not from God. Being educated in Secular dogma is a formula for deception. It isn’t really seeking truth but living a lie with bucket loads of mathematical consensus. Rom 1:18-32.

Miracles & supernatural inspired laws & matter gives us our stability in this world & the transforming power of the Holy Spirit is working regeneration in the hearts of human flesh.
The experts may not tell you that, the media wont, but a sovereign God will, whether we like it or not.


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