Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Lion vs Lion

So the cat is out of the bag & both sides are out to reframe marriage for a debate for a society where some of the people have changed.

Both sides have introduced children into the marriage debate, both sides have introduced love & both sides have introduced equality. One side says equality is to be grasped, the other says it isn’t.

One side wants a sympathy vote that hovers around mental health (everybody has mental health issues by the way), the other side wants the traditional bond of one man and one woman to be preserved as a defining factor. Both sides have 'scientific' data & claim moralistic grounds.

It’s no surprise really. God ordained relationships have been on the decline since the fall. One way or another they display brokenness, but I don’t see that as a reason to smash it up into smaller pieces that blur the lines even further in the name of equality that is actually just another damaging division line in the name of humanity that often goes astray.

A secular society isn’t interested in God, it’s on a deliberate crusade to wedge out Christianity as it conforms to humanistic ideals of love, tolerance & marriage which will probably change again into another distortion of God’s original design of one man & one woman joined together in love & faithfulness expressing purity in the biological & spiritual beings that we are.

God's word matters as people get tangled up in all kinds of deceptions & those deceptions will have repercussions.The tangled web of sin with its many tangents creates equality for all. Only in Christ can its grip be broken.Seperating marriage from God is about equality with God, something that satan in all his pride would be in full favour of. 

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