Thursday, 22 September 2016

Dear Digital Diary

I had to drop our car off for a mechanical inspection yesterday morning. I had a camera in the car already so I went for a walk down the street & ended up in two local reserves. It was a joy to discover some of the creatures about & fun/challenging to catch some in digital image.

The night before on the way home from work I pulled over 
& took some shots of an approaching storm around sunset.

The water dragons were telling me to back off I think, 
but also just as ready to do the bolt if I invaded their comfort zone anymore 
(I have never had one shape up to me like that & it was a fair distance away too.)
I have seen chameleons behave like that on the net.

I had stumbled across the mother duck with ducklings not seeing them to the last moment. 
I reversed up the track so as not to alarm them any further but eventually came across them again on a looping track, it was then that they took refuge in the creek.

The small & delicate birds were chirping away here & there.

The Jezebel butterfly came to rest as I was walking along. 
I am really enjoying the old school manual focus lens.

The car passed its rego inspection.


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