Friday, 23 September 2016

Channelling Darwin

Theology is on the march just as much as science. Much of science goes round in circles & backtracks as it settled on false assumptions & not facts. Such is forensic science built on naturalism. The truth is evolution is not a demonstrable scientific fact but a construed argument.

Theology hasn’t changed that much as God has provided sufficient knowledge for living & dying & the fundamental things of life, death & eternity.

Our Creator God walks, talks & teaches us. He tells us all that we need to know, nothing more & nothing less as we grow in the knowledge of Him.

Wandering restlessly from hypothesis to hypothesis while believing nature is the amount of everything is nothing short of worshipping & giving your life to an idol and like them you shall become in the cause as in the effect.

We hear much about the failings of religious people, over & over again but very little about the deception & failings of scientists in the media, such is bias & distortion.


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