Sunday, 18 September 2016

Away from the hustle & bustle

Living near rural & bush life makes for some good photo opportunities. Its not uncommon to see farms & fields being worked. If I have time to spare I will take a back road in search of a scene.

Car & bike clubs also make use of country roads & towns. Drives in the country were more common place generations ago, along with that people would buy their fruit & veg at the farm gate.Farmers markets seem to have taken their place along with the big super markets competing for every dollar & cent while shoppers compete for car parks.

I remember seeing the old car in my reveiw mirror, I couldnt make out the make or model but decided to speed up the road a bit & find a place to photograph it as it passed by. The Australian Holden motor car had connections with Chevrolet in the US. The styling & design has similarities with the 57 Chev from what I can see.


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