Monday, 12 September 2016

An Overview

The Spiritual Climate, often changing its point of focus but always the same

We try to manufacture peace & joy on a daily basis to keep the misery at bay. Accentuating the positives in life & death we believe we are achieving measures of great aspirations. In effect we chase a dream as we live in the nightmare of a world corrupted because of human sin. We are our own downfall as we look for a salvation in various forms. As we seek to build our meaning we reject the cornerstone that matters the most. In a state of faith phobia & imprisoned in worldliness the answer is anything but Jesus of Nazareth. 1 Pet 2:4-10.

It’s one of the highly favoured Modus operandi of the inhabitants of earth. It is a deep problem with a myriad of chambers that captivate the human heart. The aspirational heart has its own army, government & religion that are opposed to God. Rev 12:13-17. We see it every day without fail. People from across the globe rejecting the kindness & mercy demonstrated in the life of Christ.  

We walk amidst the ruin & devastation, the history of the fall & the redeeming love of God demonstrated in Christ.There is only one way out, a narrow passage that leads to life.Matt 7:13-14.


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