Monday, 8 August 2016

World event

I could never clearly keep track of all the Pokémon creations that were around when our kids were growing up, when it comes to Pokémon go I don’t even try. I think I have seen two on a screen somewhere, a yellow one & a green one or maybe it was grey. It’s pretty much the same when it comes to Greek (& Roman) Mythology or for that matter, Darwins alleged tree of life. But today I learnt of Nike, a Greek goddess (with a Roman equivalent-Victoria) that bestows victory. She is featured on the current olympic “eco” friendly medals.

Yesterday I was talking to some kids about the national anthems & how they celebrate & praise various aspects of people, nature & God (shock-horror in 2016).We touched on the Australian national anthems past & present & those of Old Testament Israel. Imagine standing for 150 Psalms of “Prayers & Praise” at a medal presentation!. 

We don’t necessarily have the tunes preserved (from what I know of) but the lyrics are there in plain sight. The inspiration of the Holy Spirit & the providence & Grace of God present amongst the idolatry & mythology, revealing Jesus(Messianic Psalms), an anointed King who would save His people from sin. This is victory & this is peace in its finest fulfilment. Music to my ears.


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