Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The Prize

The warm Olympics are here again (sorry to hear about Zika) Greece meets the Aztecs, anthropology meets sport & games, and… it’s a pretty big party by the look of it.

My champions come first, second, third & last lots of times in lots of things. I have a bit of film & many photos. I should dwell on the achievements & doings of my children & wife more really, often my timing is out.

More than the stats, more than news based reporting, more than those FB memes & suggested posts. I should hold them in my heart in a place of recognition & thankfulness as the busyness of life competes with my heart & I often ending up losing.

But God is there too, telling me to push on, to keep going. There is a race to be run, hurdles to overcome & a finish line to cross. In this I am encouraged to fix my eyes on Jesus, my captain & priceless treasure. Heb 3:1-6.

Jesus, Priceless Treasure By: Johann Franck
An old hymn. Not as old as the Olympics, but pretty old nevertheless.


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