Thursday, 4 August 2016

Spiritual Dimentia

In a way I can see why many make the assumption that religion or belief is a thing of the past. We have arrived, we understand so much more & so the story goes as we assume stuff about the past that escapes us…self-esteem gone way too far at the expense of something else. God is dead & nature is all there is… just as much a belief, no idea how we got here in objective scientific terms & millions of assumptions are made to help fill in the gaps. Meanwhile, mainstream science is heavily reliant on maths or a selected democracy to settle the disputes, consensus being the magic word, maths 1 science nil.

Along with science, wealth & power can blind us too, it was why God warned the Israelites ahead of time regarding their entrance into the land of Canaan. There is something within us that is eager to stray, to turn what is good into something that will undo us by assuming we actually know best. Time & again we hear the outpourings of the so called informed.

Is religion any different? No, it’s just as tricky as a new nation entering the Promised Land after escaping a horrible bondage. Counter religions & counter claims & mathematical persuasions, Civil wars, betrayal & deception from the good & the bad & the ugliness within, turning something good into something that will undo us. Dt 8:1-20.

In all of this (and more) God remains the same, undetectable regarding optimistic science & naturalism but near regarding faith & providence in our day. At work, interested, concerned & in command, rain, hail or shine, twister or tornado. God dead? Not according to Science even if some scientists & philosophers claim otherwise.

When you get rid of what is essential an inessential void takes its place

Earliest record of the phrase fromNarrenbeschwörung
 (Appeal to Fools) by Thomas Murner, 1512


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