Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Route 666

The  “ORWELL G” moving ford as we dodge stuff & occasionaly looking back (some more than others). Tin foil roof, extra-large mirrors as we become more paranoid so things can look closer or bigger than they actually are and aren’t.

Conspiracies are everywhere of course, except where they are not, so are skeptics, believers & unbelievers. Thankfully God is everywhere & He is not a conspiracy. Jesus is my transport. In life & in death, both now & forevermore.

People conspire against God, but they wont get very far except further away from God, the author & giver of life in all its complexity & beauty.To go against God is to choose death*,emptiness* & misery* & people do that by the truckload every day & every night.

*You may still feel & experience happiness & enjoyment in many good things (even bad things). But that doesnt change our spiritual definition of our fallen nature before God.The human race is in need of great repair (death & sickness are not normal-nor is living apart from God, we have just become accustomed to that).Hence our misery & our shame as we live life on the run.


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