Monday, 22 August 2016


Fakes seek equality with the original. Fakes are lies basically, whether they are high or low quality. Society tends to thrive on producing expensive looking fakes & in doing so can cheapen the nature or value of things. A replica can never take the place of the original, but that won’t stop thousands of off loading sales people telling you otherwise.

The same can be said of morality & immorality in this flesh seeking world of pleasure & pain, gain & loss, love & hate. And if equality is the end game then love can equate to hate, loss-gain & pain- pleasure & life-death…what a mixed up, shaken up, twisted world we live in, where sin seeks to be a form of righteousness. No wonder there is so much despair. But in this God provides wisdom, comfort & strength from His Word & by His Spirit.

There is no other way & no other name. Jesus is the way, the truth & the life for all our comings & goings, our doings & undoing’s throughout the ages. That God should substitute His wealth for our poor estate is much, much more than remarkable, it truly is amazing & grace. His strength for our weakness.


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