Sunday, 7 August 2016

Olympic Update

The Olympics: Where the optimist gets a taste of pessimism & the pessimist gets to taste optimism if things don’t go according to plan. Reality is there along with the hyper-bowl, drugs, crime & pollution are apparently in excellent form. Poverty is just over the road or hidden out back, much of it removed from sight, that’s what you do at parties, put on a good show. A right royal affair, athletic royalty regally rewarded with gold, silver & bronze & bucket loads of hospitality. The personal stories seem to be where it’s at, the struggles & support, the families & friends, coaches & the like, real life stuff amongst the competition, holidaying, camping, nationalism & uniforms. It is a selected & segregated semi global village within the global village. In sport & funding we believe and a semi quasi kind of peace. Global bubbles & troubles.


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