Thursday, 18 August 2016

Meekness, Majesty, Mystery & Life

When we sit back & observe planet earth, & the universe for that matter, we humans get to appreciate the beauty, wisdom, power & scale of an almighty God in the things that He has made.

From a distance, it is easy to momentarily forget that the earth & the universe is broken down & breaking down before our very eyes. Just nature? No not at all. Scripture gives us the bigger picture, the created order is subject to decay. Just like you & me, all broken & under laws that bind. Gen 3. Rom 8:21.

An astrophysicist has knowledge of sorts but cannot save us & a cosmologist can be about as useful as Astro boy, Flash Gordon, Bugs Bunny or Walt Disney.

The son of a carpenter with an interesting blood line in a back wood from Nazareth from a couple of thousand years ago seems an unlikely candidate, but nothing is impossible with God who takes delight in mere humans of every race. While NASA & the like are busy star gazing, God is busy searching for souls.Isa 9:2-7.God came to earth with impeccable timing, not Venus or Mars.


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