Tuesday, 16 August 2016


“The more I learn the less I know.”Ain’t that the truth for us mortal & infinite beings who have God like status. Learning & education can take you places, but not everywhere. In Scripture, knowledge is good but it is not everything, far from it. Knowledge can be corrupted, twisted & taken out of context. Without knowledge we can stray, so “The more I know the less I will be a fool.” Fools don’t get equal status with the wise in Scripture. There is a separable difference even though we share a common humanity.

Just as red is not green or blue yellow or purple orange, male female or a curve straight, there really are separable & distinguishable differences. All religion is not the same says knowledge. God calls us out of the blur & confusion of sin into His glorious light. With truth comes freedom from lies & those held captive to them. Come out, says God & leave the darkness of sin behind. John 8:31-47.

While the media seems to be deliberatley interested in the iron pyrite of popular culture & modern myths God continues to have a deliberate interest in the lostness of humanity.His heralds come with the good news of Salvation that can only be found in Christ Alone.


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