Friday, 29 July 2016

The economy of man & woman

Prov 7:24-27. Who says women are not powerful & influential? Surely not Scripture. Women like men are capable of good & evil. Prov 11:16. There is much, much, more to the equation. Modern society would have us believe in a thing called forwardness or progress as it promotes its secular agenda of Utopian greatness, trust us, yes we can with the power of Elitism.  

Every day we are invited to adopt foolishness at the expense of God’s great wisdom when it comes to money, sex & power. A democracy can equate to a country’s rise just as much as its fall. To aspire to greatness is not about position or standing in society. Mk 12:41-44. Ultimately only God is truly great & He shares that greatness with us amongst the ruins of modern man & woman. In Him it is better to trust.Prov 21:1.


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