Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Mighty God, Mighty Flood, Tiny Ark

Amidst the turmoil and terror that humanity has reaped after sowing its own destruction, amidst the claimed fullness that is really emptiness the righteous live by faith. Empowered by the Spirit & wrestling with world events, exercised faith & waiting on God is the remedy.

Like strangers & aliens in a very foreign land of gaping chasms where distance takes the place of familiarity & closeness. Though the blues & blacks threaten to envelop the light, yet God is near, Thy loving kindness is better than life. Despite all the colours there is only one truth & one God & he will never forsake.

This is an older image of mine that I have reworked in a digital medium. 
Initially it was an airbrushed work. 
I wrote first then thought this image would be a good accompaniment.

Ironically many mock the great flood as historical but willingly hold to life imagining from a primordial mixture where non living matter becomes living, no evidence for that, but that's apparently OK, the modern myth makers say so.


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