Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Contentment vs Knowledge.

Yes we can put a thingamajig on the moon, make a space station, make it robotically to mars, land on an asteroid, get some photos of Pluto & with sniper like ingenuity, make it to Jupiter by Jupiter! Trigonometry & Physics & stuff has a use way beyond the blue. Five years in the making with some perfect timing is something many of us can relate to, not bad (clap, clap,clap). 

Clever? Yes. Cost a bit? Yes, millions & billions probably over the years. A universe billions of years old? No, not really. http://creation.com/secular-scientists-blast-the-big-bang

Not all the news make the news…The poor, the hungry, the starving is sort of like inconvenient news that contradicts how clever we are & how poor & pitiful we really are despite our intelligence & creativity. I know much poverty is born out of laziness but also through greed & self-seeking missions of greatness. Big business, corporate power, CEO salaries & the equation of more, more, more equates to less, less, less for many more....Didjunothat.

Only in God does it all come together says Scripture.


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