Thursday, 28 July 2016

Christ, solid before the rock was made.

Sight is a wonderful thing, as is touch as is hearing (when governed by goodness rather than evil), God is good. And the blindness of unbelief is sure to fail. It’s not something I claim under my own steam, it is the message of the ages that is often distorted & manipulated but nevertheless will endure, says God.

Meanwhile Jews look for signs, atheists demand them, Greeks look for wisdom, pleasure seekers look for the ultimate experience & the next psychedelic & alcoholic trick to blow the mind & infuse the brain with dreamy delusion, not much has changed at all apart from some technological advances built on the backs & brains of others, evolution not, just variation, extinction, hype & escapism of the species really.

Sin really does seek to lead us astray & we are captive to it. There is only one way out & it’s not death but life. The empty planets will tell you nothing except what you imagine them to say, no different to the maker of idols that bow down in worship to them. None better than the life giver would know, He has seen it all, heard it all & touched it all,above it all, even hell itself. 1 Cor 1:18-31. John 1:1-18.


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