Saturday, 25 June 2016

World Wide Worship

It is Sunday Morning, it’s very cold, we have frost & there is said to be snow on the mountains further up the valley. Today we go to church, it is an old practical wooden building with old wooden pews (not that comfy) but thankfully we have warm air conditioning.

God & His word is central to worship & in many respects God’s people are central to Him. God’s people are a large family of faith imperfect but transformed in every way. Thanks to the Holy Spirit we grow, learn & bear fruit. It is an undeserved position to be in God’s family. Grafted into a tree that is attended daily if not hourly. It is not a place where we say we are so good, it is the place where we personally & publically declare God is so good.

There are many variations to God is so good as a song. This is the one I am familiar with.

God is so good
He took my sin
Now I am free
God is so good

He’s so good to me.


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