Thursday, 2 June 2016

the sheep, the goats, the wolves & the shepherd

The last month or so we have been covering the appointed coming of the kingdom of God, John the Baptist & Jesus the Saviour on a mission from God. John had first of all become an enemy of the church by challenging the pharisees & then an enemy of the state in warning Herod regarding his bizarre marriage arrangement. Mark 6:14-29.

Many people were confused about Jesus… was he Elijah come down from heaven, was he a resurrected John the Baptist? Obviously not, but they all spoke from the same spirit. Change was in the air. The Kingdom of God was going up a notch in terms of fulfilment & prophecy. God’s outcomes based plan of salvation was going to shake the ancient world. And He did.

There have been many twists & turns in world events since then yet the Gospel bears witness to a fallen world just as confused & bent on quests for power & satisfaction. As always there are countless distractions…but the kingdom of God presses on. The steadfast love of the Good shepherd never ceases.John 10:1-21.

not an actual image of God.

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