Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Spot the difference.

The age of reason & all the belief that flows from that says you can’t know anything for certain unless you trust the science…but how many times has the alleged scientific facts been asserted, modified then remodified like a diet (because the facts were not really facts at all) & how many times has a judge that knows very little about science ruled on such matters…Monkey business & Rainbow politics (Send me an angel, so help me God). In the wonderful world of equivocation, education has become indoctrination, ironically we are not allowed to think anymore, the ruling elite & the secular reformation do that for us with a curriculum of anything is possible as long as it’s not religion.

There are many things I can know for certain regarding the Saviour (Jesus), the whole truth & nothing but the truth. Jesus says you don’t have to know everything before you can understand & appreciate His wisdom & love. No hole is too deep, no pit too wide, no sand too quick, no ache too empty, no intellect so profound, no sin so great. Acts 2:21. Only the Holy Spirit can deliver the change required or desired for a restless humanity. It’s why John the Baptist & Jesus came preaching & teaching while the politics of the day went round & round in circles.

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