Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Romantic Landscape & Seascape

The industrial revolution has come a long way but now it seems that nature has payed the price & provided the materials at great cost. I can sympathise with the romantic era where the medieval was favoured over the classical in the time & tide passages of political & cultural influence.

Steam, combustion, electricity, chemical concoctions, engineering & science equals catastrophe in many respects(not to mention all things nuclear & atomic)…what have we done, are we really that smart…We would like to think so but we are just as susceptible to stupidity & lack of foresight or insight.

Dreaming big & achieving success does have its flip side, not that a CD or a download would know what that was. Even as the language barriers come down the Babels still go up heavenwards with lofty ideals. Humanity remains the same, image bearers of God justly cast out of Eden, worshiping the created rather than the creator & blaming each other while trying to make ends meet.


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