Monday, 13 June 2016

Pre occupied & otherwise engaged

After becoming a Christian, forgiven, loved & adopted by God & enabled by the Spirit to grow in understanding & relationship I was amazed at the depth of insight that is revealed in the biblical texts.

Artists, crafts people & musicians know their materials & instruments, cook’s their flavours, textures & tools & ministers their texts & contexts. Like doctors & nurses that apply insight & training, teachers, fathers and mothers that seek to apply knowledge, wisdom, love & discipline….the minister prepares & delivers a sermon.

There is skill in the sermon & the presentation, prayer & training in the preparation. From the beginning God has passed on His attributes & intelligence. God relates, but do we really want to know it. Can we handle the truth or is it too much for us to endure. 

Yes the world is stuck on the idea that God is dead & no longer relevant to an alleged evolving race more focused on making history rather than paying close attention to history. The subjective utterance of secular science is very loud & persistent. So was Babylon & Rome before they fell. 

A strong government or economy is not an indication of truth, wealth & false freedoms can bring on all kinds of grand delusions & madness on a large scale. If you dont have truth youre caught in a lie, a very clever lie.

How smart was ancient man? (Creation Magazine LIVE! 3-03)


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