Sunday, 12 June 2016

Photography & Carlligraphy

It’s an old work horse from a bygone era but they are very popular today & pull big money. Muscle cars & trucks pull chicks just as much as blokes (women & men). It’s a funny & serious romantic dynamic, boy meets pick up, picks up girl with some denim & boots & a couple of hundred song lyrics somewhere in there too.Welcome to the country.

In the country you need a tough motor for all the miles & a tray or tub comes in handy down at the hardware or produce supplies so you can put your stuff in or on your ve hear cull.

I like a lot about the muscle car era, the simple electrics & philosophy of generosity of space under the bonnet reflects the wide expanse & freedom of movement in the country landscape.The effortless power of the humming V8 engine, curved lines & crafted chrome to mention a bit more.

There is a bit of practical nostalgia there & art appreciation too. The modern plastics & extreme electronics are not all there cracked up to be…just like their alloy heads, secret & specialised tools & high maintenance bills.


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