Monday, 6 June 2016

Economics is a spiritual science or discipline

The situation of incurring debt & being set free from debt and working for a living has been around since the time of Adam, Eve & Father Abraham, Jacob & Laban. Gen: 29:1.- Gen 31:55. It’s how we roll…like poker machines, thousands and thousands of years down the track & the human story is still the same. One for you, two for me in the improvisation of deceit & getting the upper hand, early on in the historical narrative of redemption God gives direction regarding monetary dealings.

Lord’s Day 42 regarding Thou/You  Shall/should not steal.

What does God forbid in the eighth commandment?
God forbids not only such theft1 and robbery2 as are punished by the government, but God views as theft also all wicked tricks and devices, whereby we seek to get our neighbour’s goods, whether by force or by deceit,3 such as unjust weights,4 lengths, measures,5 goods, coins, usury,6 or by any means forbidden of God; also all covetousness7 and the misuse and waste of His gifts.8

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But what does God require of you in this commandment?

That I further my neighbour’s good where I can and may, deal with him as I would have others deal with me,1 and labour faithfully, so that I may be able to help the poor in their need.2

[1] Matt. 7:12. [2] Eph. 4:28; *Phil. 2:4; *Gen. 3:19; *1 Tim. 6:6–7.

With the coming of Jesus we get a greater perspective regarding the insecurity & deception of wealth. It's not what really matters the most....far from it.


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