Monday, 27 June 2016

Drivers seat

Creation & all its cleverness and functionality are evidence of God if we take God to be intelligent. Not only that we see personality & nurture time & time again. We can’t see God as such but we see what He has made in his gallery & galaxy.

We also see evidence of humanity’s fall & the curse upon the earth, not to mention the catastrophic worldwide flood. Death came through Adam & the nations came through Noah & his family. Normally we may like puzzles but this is a big one with a lot of pieces.

To think that we, terribly destructive & power seeking humans are the object of God’s love & redemption is beyond me at times. God gives us a lesson in the power of one & we should be amazed. But as usual we like to complicate things. Yes, the devil is at work too (for now) & a 3D printer can’t get you out of that bind.

God doesn’t need to act, He already is, with great precision on a grand scale, that’s what he has being doing from before we were born. We don’t have the bigger picture & our calls are often for the wrong reasons & surely our hindsight can agree with that.

God calls us to grow in trust, it’s even for our own good because God is good. If there is anyone that we should obey it is God. After all, he made us, we are purpose built for cleverness & functionality, how foolish & catastrophic it would be for our hearts to ignore it & create our own undoing.


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