Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Demented & Divine Memories

“I know where you live” Lots of funny memes there. It’s usually meant as a threat designed to make you uncomfortable & fearful…intimidation born out of anger, hatred or revenge, death even. Usually people that intimidate want something, the superiority complex. In our pride we can all struggle with that.

As much as people like to paint a picture of Christianity being the violent oppressor in history with distorted data the other side of the story is often less told, particularly of late.

And history often being repetitive God has his reminders for us. God too says “I know where you live” & the political manipulation that goes on. But He is not out to intimidate. Rev 2:12-17.

We need reminders of God’s extraordinary love, it’s not a blind love but one that is constant, strong & pure. Yahweh walks with His people…The Holy God, he lives.


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