Saturday, 11 June 2016


Our worship service is after breakfast & before lunch. I would say when most people think of breakfast they are thinking of what they plan to eat and drink, not so much on how long they have gone without food through the night as their body fasted. Particularly in the land of over flowing garbage bags & bins of bulk food.

Church is in many respects a time to feed, taking in the covenant mercies of God & His wisdom for our eyes, ears, hearts & minds, a truly nourishing time for the soul. Theology is a science of actions & words...some would say she is the queen of the sciences, all I know is that she has the richest of fares & contributes greatly in my life. Isaiah 55:1-13.

Many today will opt for a trendy Cafe & attend the shops in the name of consumerism. Not as many will attend church & consider the salvation of God come in the Christ. The economy of the soul is far more important says Jesus. Luke 12:13-21. The come & eat, drink & be merry of consumerism will only get you so far & no further. Only God can take us through & help us understand the far finer things of life like the eye of a needle & the measures of impossibility. Luke 18: 18-30.


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