Monday, 23 May 2016

working and waiting and small beginings.

There is no denying the importance of leadership & good government. There is also no denying that good government will have a degree of fallibility about it. But there is a line or a time frame and when it is crossed it becomes abuse of, or neglect of, power or authority.

God cares about rights and order within His church (not worldly rights that defame, defraud & deconstruct his image). And it’s not just the rights of the leaders that God cares about, but also the rights & needs of the congregation.

We all need to grow into submission & protecting that which is sacred, even if it means going against a leader who is not living or teaching as they ought.

Rights & authority can become idols as much as a golden calf which is good for nothing. Only in Christ do we begin to get it right & reflect the father’s glory, humility & authority. The fattened calf, the gold ring & new sandals have been given unto us, a gracious act rich in mercy, that we may attend to the tasks fitted for service above & below us. Phil 3:10-14.


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