Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Q & A the other night

The atheist philosopher, he reckons there’s no God
Just nature & nurture with lightening like a prod
The magic pond of scum, he’s comfortable with that
Not a shred of evidence, just science from a hat.

She bemoans our situation
Can spot many a fault
It's a clever conversation
but she misunderstands the salt.

Yes the good seems fading
Almost going going gone
But faith & hope braiding
understands the need to be reborn.

You see God is in the picture
He was all along
He understands the mixture
our fix & fears are wrong.

I dont watch it much anymore, it's a conversation that rarely gets to the bottom of things. I was encouraged to check out the program after chatting with a soccer friend.

Nothing new in atheistic agenda's really, same old story. 
The illusion that humanity is free to do as it sees fit.

Similar to facebook, the cards are stacked on the table in favour of the house.


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