Friday, 27 May 2016

Go the red socks

Today its 3rd (with a game in hand & us) vs 2nd (them) for the all Australian Coyote’s of mixed backgrounds & ageing/decaying bodies. Our home ground went from rain saturated grass to the hard rock café in about three weeks (& don’t my ankles know it). But the Bindii/Bindi Eye are doing well & providing patches of green. Today we look forward to playing on actual blades of grass as well as the ground beneath. We are going down to the big smoke where the winter nights are a bit less harsh being closer to the coastal elemental landscape.

It’s not that far really, about 45 minutes which is a bit longer than an official half in the beautiful game of soccer that is known to have its ugly moments. The fallibility & interpretation of the rules by referee’s, linesmen & linewomen (of the county) & the players themselves & the crowd make for a cool head in heated moments.No easy task. Go Team.

A good precursor to the Champions League all Spanish final which is scheduled for Sunday morning Australian Eastern Standard time.


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