Sunday, 24 April 2016

Ties that Bind

It’s ANZAC DAY here in Australia (Lest we forget). I didn’t attend the march & service this morning. I could hear the cars on mass coming down the hill heading towards the bowling club. After a time the drummers beat began to reverberate & I would assume the gathering proceeded in the darkness to the cenotaph a country block away.

A little while later the choir’s song “abide with me” wafted through the foggy morning. The speeches were too muffled but no doubt a lot of honour & respect were at the core of the service. As the night turns to day it’s the birds that are into full song, especially the Kookaburra’s & Pee wees. The faint sound of a crow, some roosters & the rainbow lorikeet flocks which can be ever so loud & busy are just warming up before they hit the skies.

Now I can hear the national anthem Advance Australia Fair being sung…a soldier bird is outside my window in a Grevillia tree looking for a feed, a friar bird squawks while I tap away on the keyboard. The drummers beat has hit the airwaves again, it’s a strong sound with a deep beat & steady pace with a bit of rattle.

So my Anzac Day is a little distant today but still appreciative & mindful of the great sacrifices made by many in so many ways, even to the point of laying down their lives to defend what is dear.

(a previous dawn service image in my town)


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